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Today, the modern mentality is dominating our society. Gone are the days when people would do things the traditional way. Every business sector today operates well through software or a system. Among the systems taking the lead in the business world are EAI and ERP. Through these systems, problem-solving have been modernized. You can easily understand their differences based on their functionality; here is how…

The initials ERP stands for Enterprise Resources Planning. The three words describe a system, which is capable of running almost all of an organization’s businesses. In other words, it is used to perfectly automate a business process with a target of meeting profitability and efficient concerns. The ERP, therefore, helps in collecting, storing, interpreting and managing data from certain business activities such as purchases, planning, service delivery, sales, marketing and manufacturing to mention but a few. The system is also intuitive, comprehensive and also its maintenance is very low.

On the other hand, the EAI, also known as the Enterprise Application Integration system is described as middleware software. It gets this description from what it does, since it sits the best of breed applications, then connects them for a talk. In other words, it is known as software, which is used specifically to permit different software to communicate. For companies, which use say two pieces of software, such as billing and the other one, is for accounting; the EAI software links the two so that they can communicate basically by the use of EAI configuration.

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