Need ERP Software for your company, yet you don’t know the price? We’ll help you

If your business has outgrown the introductory offers such as Excel Sheets and Quick Books, you need to start pondering about owning an ERP Software. This is a new system, which helps the existing systems to integrate well with other third party software hence reducing the abundance of work needed in an organization. It’s a good idea to own one if your business has grown, but first, you need to understand what you’ll need in your pocket to implement it.

Arm yourself with some money

Well, for you to own this software, you need to incur some costs, on top of the software licensing fees. Primarily, there are close to four substantial costs, which you won’t evade while structuring this system. The first one is the purchase of hardware fee, maintenance fee, the software-licensing fee and lastly the implementation services fee.

It depends on…

However, the initial, secret you need to understand here is that it depends on the complexity of the industry in which you’re operating from, the number of users’ licenses you want and if you’re a mobile, entrepreneur. The cost too will vary with which type of ERP Software you want. For instance, there is that software that is base installed to the open sources. The cost for such a system is almost NIL.

The reality

The reality is, today, reasonable ERP Software costs should range between $ 150 000 to 750 000, for a mid-sized company. However, the infrastructure and hardware costs might be charged separately. The above estimate assumes the implementation that is on-premise, and not the subscription-based or the hosted solution.

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